How to properly pin a Boutonniere

Pinning a Boutonniere may be the very least of your worries when you begin the journey of planning your wedding. However it is something that you, your wedding party, or someone who will be helping with your flowers should be informed of. Especially if you decide to do your flowers on your own and not to hire a Wedding Coordinator ;). While a boutonniere is a small piece of your big day, who wants to spend money on these accents for your groomsmen to just have them sloppily flopping around on their lapel? Or you could have a nightmare-ish experience of blood on the best man’s shirt from improper technique or a stray needle poking grandma’s pace maker during a congratulatory embrace. Here are the steps we recommend taking to not have any boutonniere tragedies at your Wedding (or worse, having them pinned improperly!):

-First, watch our video ( and if you can, pass it on to a few of the more responsible groomsmen, or whom ever may be assisting with your flowers. It will also be a good idea to put a print out of the basics of pinning with the boutonnieres for the day of. Also, be sure to have a list of names or put a name on each boutonniere for reference. You would be surprised how traumatizing it is to give a ring bearer a boutonniere that was not intended for him, then have to makeshift one because the poor kid is DEVASTATED after you took it away from him to give to the proper person. What a let down!

-Line up the boutonniere with the angle of the lapel, hold securely in your non-dominant hand.

-Flip the lapel over and slide one pin in through the bottom of the stem. While inserting the pin try to line it up to stay within the stem of the boutonniere, however the pin does not have to go all the way into the stem.

-Do a small check of the front of the lapel to make sure your boutonniere is still lined up and the needle is not protruding, then flip it back over and check to be sure it is not protruding on the back side as well. You will use another pin for the top to help secure it properly, inserting it as you did with the bottom pin.

-Lay the lapel back down, do any adjusting if necessary, and voila! You have an ouch-less, secure, and straight boutonniere!

Here is a link to our "How to properly pin a Boutonniere" video:

Here is a link to the pins we love using to pin bouts with:

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Happy Planning! Love the HWC team!

Photo's provided by the incredible Lauren Heald at Lauren Heald Photography;, 707-483-2480!

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