Window Bar Menu

I seem to take many many trips to random places in my home town, collecting very random things for these fun blog posts. Especially when I have a burst of creative ideas! I blame most of my trips to recycle town on my husband, where I found the window! He always wants to go and find thing for his projects. Thus, making me come a long and find random things for my projects ;)! ALL HIS FAULT. RIGHT?! The things I find at recycle town are usually pretty crusty. But occasionally I find some amazing gems, like this one. As soon as I saw this old window I thought, "what the heck can I do with that?!" And then I came up with a fun bar menu you will see below. It was very simple. I found the window as is, although I did have to clean off some cob webs and such. I purchased paint pens from my local Michael's (I purchased the Craft Smart Paint Pens). I planned out what would be included on the bar menu (all my personal favorites!). Then spent some time choosing a font I thought was fitting for the style of the piece. Along with exactly how I wanted the lay out to look, and viola! Here we have it. A simple, easy, and unique bar menu for your Wedding or Rehearsal Day decor.

Now obviously you will include the drinks you will be serving at your event! Signature drinks are growing and growing in popularity! Your guests will love it, it ads character to a Wedding Day! And its a great way to keep your bar budget in check! Just make sure that what ever drink you choose is easy and quick to make more of, for when your guests gobble it all up and the bartender needs to mix up some more! Come up with a cute name for your drink. Something that represents you as a couple, things you love, etc. And funny is always a hit :)!


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Happy Planning! Love HWC