DIY Boutonniere

We know just how much brides and grooms are loving including DIY elements to their Wedding Day. And lets just be honest here, doing somethings yourself--if done right--can save you a good chunk of change while personalizing your Wedding Day at the same time! Who doesn’t love that idea?! Just look at how much Pinterest is exploding on so many fronts, but in particular when it comes to DIY-ing, Weddings, and well, DIY-ing your Wedding! ;) So after a fantastic HWC Bride brought up they would be DIY-ing their bouts we decided to put together a little tutorial on how to make a boutonniere on your own. We hope you enjoy!



QUICK FIX: In case you are in emergency need of a boutonniere last minute, and you may not have all the supplies above. We in the past have made bouts skipping step three, and using double stick tape for step four. So keep in mind if you are in a situation where maybe you forgot about the ring bearer, you always have this quick fix option!

Our recommendations: If you do decide to do DIY flowers we say to keep it simple. It can become very overwhelming. It is A LOT of work (I really cannot stress that enough) especially just before your wedding day!

  1. Think about choosing one or two flower types instead of many. Keeping it simple like this will help ease the stress of making your arrangements look perfect.
  2. Make sure you do a few trial runs to get an idea of how you want them to look. Also be sure to do this before you decide to take this project on yourself, so you have enough time to consider alternatives if they don't turn out the way you'd like.
  3. Take pictures of exactly what you would like if your family will be assisting. This way you can avoid having to oversee the entire set-up process.
  4. Make sure to count how many stems you will need for each type of arrangement, so you just enough and not to many or not enough flowers.
  5. Think about putting everything together the day before instead of the day of. If you have an area to store your arrangements properly.
  6. Also, get a few price quotes before making any final decisions. You may just be able to get what you want for your budget. And make sure you share your budget with who you get quotes with so they know where to start!
  7. Think about having a florist do your bouquets, bouts, and corsages then do the rest of your flowers yourself. These items do take a lot of skill to put together something amazing if you want a bouquet with a lot of variety (not that some of our DIY bouquets weren't amazing)!
  8. Our number one recommendation is if you decide to put a lot of DIY aspects into your Wedding Day would be to hire a Wedding Coordinator (I know I know), but they can oversee that every little detail is done exactly how you want!

Check out our blog on how to pin a boutonniere either way, we have some helpful tips to make sure these details are properly displayed, whether they are professionally done or not:

Here are a couple links to a few of my clients pictures who decided to DIY their own flowers: (Bouquets, hair flowers, and bouts where done by Vanda Floral Design:

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Happy Planning! Love the HWC team!