Introducing Miss Melissa

Melissa has been a part of my life for many, many years now, since she has been dating my cousin well… forever. They were even at MY WEDDING, so forever is probably an understatement (hint, hint CHRIS)! But, just a few months ago I learned she was a Hospitality and Tourism Management Major at San Francisco State with an emphasis in Conventions, Meetings, and Event Management, and she is very interested in the Wedding industry. So one day we decided to meet at Peet’s (as you all know my fave!) and chatted about her expectations, where she wanted to be, where she wanted to go, what she was passionate about, and we decided to give a go at working together. So here we are a few short months later, and she has just been a wonderful addition in every way. You will truly start to love her as much as I do, from her personality, to her capabilities, to her amazing word and excel knowledge ;) and her brilliant design concepts!

Here are just of the few questions to help you get to know Melissa a little better! Enjoy:

Why are you interested in this industry? Welllllllllllllll…. it’d be impossible to answer this without giving a little background on me. A few years ago I had no real idea of what I wanted to do, and meddled in a lot of different classes at SRJC. I thought I wanted to major in Italian but I think I really just wanted to go to Italy! And translating or teaching really didn’t seem like what I wanted to for the rest of my life. Next I thought about ditching the JC and going into interior design or home organizing, because well, I love both. I was uncertain I’d be able to actually make the kind of career I wanted out of either and then began taking some of the pre-requisites for an architecture program (see a pattern here?). I then put some serious thought into it, and realized that a number of different factors crossed that off my list. Somewhere in there I also thought about going into graphic design or psychology but neither of those worked out for me either. I landed in my current venture by pretty much dreaming about it. I just thought about how great it would be to get to plan weddings and events all the time, and didn't ever think of it having the potential to be reality. I’ve heard many times that if you “find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” and I find that to be absolutely true… when it comes down to it there’s hardly anything that I’m not excited about when it comes to weddings! I guess you can say in some way or another virtually all of those interests have the potential to be part of my career- I get to see wonderful artwork and graphics in invitations and other paper products, admire various locations and buildings, come up with or appreciate what I like to think of as temporary interior design for events, definitely maintain organization throughout, and hopefully connect with and help some really wonderful people along the way, and perhaps someday I’ll get to start planning international events and that Italian will come in handy too.

What are your interests? Weddings and events have everything to do with almost all of my interests. I love paper and paper crafts, and that represented by invitations, I love DIY-ing and crafting, and the endless possibilities in weddings is crazy. I love entertaining for people I love and so getting people together, having a good time, and just celebrating comes natural to me. I do truly enjoy helping people and planning and organizing and inspiring!

What makes you passionate about Weddings? I think the reason why I'm so attracted to weddings is because there are so many components in which I have the potential to utilize my creativity (whether that be for some quick-style problem solving or coming up with some really awesome designs or DIY projects). I think it's also a really great honor (and some MAJOR responsibility) to be a part of someone's big day, regardless of what role I play! It is really rewarding to me and I'll probably cry at every single one because I think -- and yes this is super cheesy -- but it is truly beautiful to get to see and celebrate the union of two people with their family and friends.

What about weddings and events make you come to life? There’s some sort of indescribable spark that goes off inside me and fills me with excitement because of the creativity and excitement that go with them.

What do you do in your off time? Ummm, what free time? Hiking, going to the gym, scrapbooking, playing with my dog-ter (haha I am so hilarious…not) ;)and fueling my serious addiction to Pinterest, watching New Girl, cooking and baking, knitting and some occasional sewing. Most of all I enjoy laughing and doing everything I love with a smile!

Special thanks to Lauren for taking some fabulous photo's of the newest addition to the HWC team!

Photography by Lauren Heald at Lauren Heald Photography- 707-483-2480,

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Happy Planning! Love the HWC team!