San Francisco Flower Mart~

Yesterday we decided to hit the road and check out the fabulous SF Flower Mart, that many of our amazing clients use for their DIY- Wedding flowers! We wanted to check it out and see what and who was there so we could be more knowledgeable on the experience that our clients are having when they decide to do their own flowers.

I must say I was very surprised. There were many store fronts of different wholesalers, a wonderful variety of flowers, as well as vases, ribbon, and much much more.  The quality of most (not all) were impeccable! Recently we met with Chris Neve from Neve Bros. Wholesale Cut Flowers (soon to be up on the blog!), they are a local wholesaler who sells to the public, here in Sonoma County, and at the SF Flower Mart. It was great to see their operation in swing at the Flower Mart. We also met another great contact who delivers to this area three times a week!

We took many pictures so you could experience the greatness of the SF Flower Mart on your own! Enjoy!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our Neve Bros. post coming soon!

See their website here:

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