DIY Chalk Board Directional Sign

Have you guys seen all of the super sweet chalkboard signs popping up all over Pinterest? So have we! One of our fabulous brides (the lovely Allie) wanted to use one to direct guests at her wedding… so it was the perfect time for us to do a little DIYing! Here’s a breakdown of what we did:

First, gather all your materials and tools. We had some plywood-esque boards, (whatever you use for the sign portion, just be sure it is something that is already smooth or can be sanded for best results!), a support post, sandpaper, (we also used) a saw, measuring tape, wood glue, and clamps. You might need other supplies depending on what materials you use, so just be sure to plan ahead. Of course, you’ll also need some chalkboard paint! We used Krylon Chalkboard spray paint.

Next, you’ll want to decide on the size of your signs. Don’t forget to factor in the distance between spots so your guests can actually see them. We measured ours out and had Cristina’s hubby use a skill saw to cut them out for us (thanks Max!).


After the signs were cut, we did a little sanding and taping to prep for paint (be sure to read all the directions for your chalkboard paint, there might be some special steps you’ll need to follow).




We let the paint dry and attached them to our support post, using wood glue and clamps. Measure for the center and use a carpenter’s square to make sure they are straight. Be sure to give the glue plenty of time to dry, but again, depending on the weight of your materials you might need some nails or screws, so have some handy just in case.




Our paint said to wait 24 hours before using the chalkboard, and viola (we use this a lot don't we?)! The next day we were ready to test it out!


Be creative! There are a lot of simple variations you can do to the physical signs, but also different uses, experiment with thick and thin chalk and chalk pens, and play with inventive vocabulary that will make these an easy and charming piece to add your celebration. We’d love to see the results!

The Measurements of our sign:

6x20- For the top board

4x18- For the three remaining boards

10x2x1- for the support post (which we did have to trim down a bit!)

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Happy Planning! Love HWC!