I’m Cristina Heald, #bosslady here at HWC, I’m here to help you relax and enjoy your wedding day so you can focus on the important things: celebrating + food + wine + friends + family (in no particular order)!

Thanks to my wonderful husband who decided to #putaringonit 10 years ago on the top of a ferry boat in Coronado Bay with a little girl snickering in the background; I realized planning weddings was my calling, and since then I’ve helped plan over a hundred weddings for incredible couples all over California. Although each wedding is unique, they all require a massive amount of organization, an abundance of problem solving, and a whole lot of love. So here we are countless couples later, still helping create wedding’s focused on the celebration, and allowing couples the opportunity to relax and enjoy every moment of it!

HWC offers multiple packages varying from full planning to “day of coordination” (<--- is that a real thing? Short answer: no). If you’re ready to rock wedding planning, click HERE to check out our packages, or HERE to contact us!


  1. I have two beautiful kids

  2. I love tacos (especially gas station tacos from Byron, CA)

  3. Wine is my favorite food group

  4. I have a 135 lb dog named Bubba

  5. I have a 7 lb dog named Gyro ← guess who’s boss?

  6. I love to camp

  7. I dance it out regularly

  8. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightley)

  9. I'm pretty great at creating parodies

  10. I travel 30k miles per year


Melissa is a #bowpro  and my right hand wing woman; she feels the most important thing about planning your special day, is that you actually get to enjoy it! She studied at San Francisco State and received her bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management. During her time there she participated in a number of student-organized events, worked at the 2012 US Open, and began interning here at HWC. She is my go to for many things, even completely unrelated to the day-of. Her reliability and incredibly friendly demeaner set her apart! 

Renee moonlights as one of my event assistants. She's been working in the events industry for almost 3 years. On event days you can find her doing the heavy lifting, she's not afraid to dive in and do what needs to be done! She's also the one who captures your favorite images and Boomerangs for our Social Media accounts. If you're looking at a rad Boomerang that makes you laugh like crazy, or tear up.. she took it! 

Katie has been an event assistant for about two years now.  We've actually been #besties for much longer than HWC has been in business. Her journey here began on one of the biggest events of my career; that's when I realized she was just as valuable on the day-of as she is as a friend. You can always count on her; even if it’s for a few laughs, or a bit of a dance off (crank up the Journey). She Graduated in 2014 with her AA in Paralegal Studies. She brings the fun, and the skills to rock any event day! 


Cristina is a passionate Wedding Planner who loves to help couples create a wedding day that reflects them. Her events have been featured in places like Style Me Pretty, Borrowed and Blue, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Weddings Magazine, Sonoma Magazine, and many more (see a few links below)! She's received Wedding-wire’s couples choice award from 2012-2016.

How her couples characterize her: seamless, excellent, personable, kind, warm, understanding, proactive, organized, detail oriented, flexible, friendly, sweet, responsive, hardworking, helpful, knowledgeable, calm, confident, and has a can-do attitude.

How she sees herself: upbeat, fun, a tad bit silly, team player, organized, maybe a little too organized (is that possible?), planner, resourceful, and innovative.